We Treat Kidney Diseases & Hypertension

We are a group of physicians specializing in Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Hypertension. We have extensive training to handle the comprehensive spectrum of diseases that can affect adults, no matter how common or complex. We diagnose kidney disease, educate the patient and family, help the patient make the necessary adjustments in both lifestyle and medication to slow the progression of kidney disease. READ MORE


Dr. Rosy Joseph
Ryan Visbeen, RN APN
Aviva Plittman, RN APN
Alison Morawski, RN APN

Kidney Stones

Minerals in urine that are
normally dissolved, occasionally
will precipitate and form
stones in the urinary tract. If
these stones grow to more
than 2 or 3 millimeters, flow
of urine can be blocked
leading to pain. Kidney
stones are extremely…


Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease
represents progressive loss of
kidney function that may
occur with many diseases. We
focuse on slowing down the
progression of the disease as
much as possible. Close
management by a nephrologist
will also prevent other…


High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or
hypertension, is defined as
blood pressure over 140/90
for a sustained period of
time. Often patients have no
symptoms at all, but one in
three adults in the US
currently have high blood
pressure. High blood…


Healthy Living

Comprised of general medical
care of adults, we prevent,
diagnose and treat a whole
range of medical issues. Our
focus is on health promotion
and prevention of disease.
Our goal is to promote
healthy living, with special
attention to staying active…